Four years after the start of the reform, the hotel Park Piolets Mountain Hotel & Spa located in Soldeu, Andorra, presents its new facilities. Pillar Lebanon Studio and the studio Aeland of Ana Esteve have been responsible for carrying out the greater part of the reform of the Park Spa Mountain Wellness Club with a new space of beauty, health and wellness, the hotel lobby and the pop-up restaurant Kao Soldeu.

Located at 1,800 meters high and 150 rooms and suites, Park Piolets becomes the ideal alternative for those who want to get away from the crowds and reconnect with nature in an exceptional environment, from those who travel to Andorra, couple and to those who do as a family, going for ski lovers and all kind of sport that you can practice in Grandvalira.

Park Spa Mountain Wellness Club


Park Spa Mountain Wellness Club

The new spa of the hotel offers a most rewarding experience for the guest with comfort and convenience in an area of over 1,000 square meters, and where the nature and the landscape charge more prominence than ever thanks to the interior design of the study of Pillar Lebanon.

To do so we have used materials such as slate or wood, taking care of the lighting to create the feeling of being inside a cave in the relaxation areas, and a warm lighting in the rest of areas.

In addition, the new space features an installation with the latest technical advances that ensure greater savings and water quality, in addition to a filtering system that is respectful of the environment and the skin of the guests.

The Park Spa is divided into three main zones in addition to the front desk and the locker room: the water area, the wellness area and fitness center.

Water area


Water area

The water area is composed of three swimming pools: one for adults, one for children and one outdoor, as well as steam bath, sauna and showers of cold. The total area of the swimming pool area is 380 square metres and boasts views of the mountain. The entire area is covered with slate (the swimming pools with tiles, slate-grey) and the external parts in white, all mixed with wooden ceilings. The walls, also of slate milled and stand out in an irregular manner, provide dynamism to the whole. Lighting with LED light bulbs hanging gives the feeling of seclusion and privacy.

The sauna and the steam bath are separated from the locker rooms by a translucent glass with a drawing that reminds the rain. For the dressing rooms have been used on the wood and the pavement grey simulating the whiteboard, playing with tiles of red and green colors.

Outside area


Outside area

The work of landscaping is the responsibility of the study Aeland of Ana Esteve, and includes the chillout and the terrace of the restaurant Kao Soldeu and opens to the outside the Kid’s Club and fitness center for the integration of all of the spaces in the landscape. Also, changing the parking of cars by a mountain garden: the cars can not get closer to the entrance, but this is built into the mountain using rustic materials such as wood and slate, and native vegetation.

Pop-up restaurant Kao Soldeu


Pop-up restaurant Kao Soldeu

Also Pillar Lebanon Studio has been in charge of reforming the exclusive pop-up restaurant Kao Soldeu of Josep Maria Kao, which opens the door for the third consecutive year in the Park Piolets.

Their union transported to the Pyrenees the best kitchen traditional chinese with an innovative proposal, elaborated with local products of quality and a carefully chosen wine list. This year, the restaurant opens to a terrace and chill-out areas outside (study Aeland) to feel nature even closer.

All the furniture of the restaurant is designed by Pillar Lebanon Studio with the exception of the chairs, the signature Vergés. Stand out seats velvet, marble tables de Marquina, and iron, and details such as the walls with the compositions of caps steamer bamboo.

The wood is, again, the main element in this space. It also incorporates the string on a few screens mobile that helps to sift the impact of landscape and natural light. On each table hanging lamps wicker accompanied applique Wally of Santa & Cole.

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