The comprehensive reform of this old two-storey home, located in the urban core of a population of Baix Llobregat, has eliminated virtually all of the original elements of the building, keeping only the structure of the building. Clysa has been in charge of designing the space that is most important to the owner, a professional restoration that, first of all, I wanted to have a kitchen is comfortable, practical and equipped to respond to the high level of demand.

Aesthetic conditions

The stay receives plenty of natural light, through the large glass doors that lead to a terrace with dining and garden. Users also have an orchard with fruit trees in this outdoor area, the obtained ingredients to prepare their dishes.

kitchens with white island design-santos clysa

The brightness is enhanced by using a furniture in white color design-LINE-AND-White Seff of Saints, defined by profile minimalist, smooth fronts and without handles. This effect is strengthened by installing a countertop Silestone White marble Carrara Venato that, with its sharp and dark streaks, gives personality to the kitchen. To achieve a clean, bright and without visual obstacles, it does without high furniture. In this same line, the smoke extraction is addressed with a hood mounted to ceiling Novy, much more discreet than the traditional bells decorative.

This kitchen also bet by the –so fashionable– combination of grey and white. The tone of the pavement porcelain tile and the walls finished in micro-cement, along with notes of dark of some appliances and furniture auxiliary, provide a touch cool and elegant at the set.

kitchens with white island design-santos clysa

For its part, the wood is present in the decorative panel, table, stools, and chairs, gives warmth and balance to a setting designed to work, but also to enjoy the company.

As a final detail, in the outside dining area is applied to the same surface as in the kitchen. In addition, installing an oak table with the same style and features as the interior. In this way, it provides continuity and consistency to both spaces.


kitchens with white island design-santos clysa

Clysa organized the kitchen around a large central island, in which is incorporated the cooking zone and a wide work surface. The rest of the furniture is distributed in parallel to both sides of this element. Along a septum has a linear of five low furniture with worktop, which function as preparation area and scrub.

In the wall opposite, flanking the door connecting the room with the living room, there are two areas of closets column. These compositions together, in a compact space and organized, various appliances, and storage solutions. With this planning is achieved to extract the most out of the plant without putting strain on the environment, facilitating the organization and the work in the kitchen.

In addition, the free runner around the island provides greater freedom of movement to usersyou can share tasks or spaces without the need to bother.

kitchens with white island design-santos clysa

The design LINE-AND of Saints has a smooth front without handles that, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it allows the opening at any point. This is due to its system of gola continuous, an aluminum profile set in the piece of furniture that allow space to pull the front and you can open it safely and comfortably. The system gola applies to both the low furniture and in closets column.

The planning of this kitchen is a good reflection of the style of life of their users. On the one hand, they needed to incorporate a spacious work surfaces, and equipment with high performanceaccording to the culinary experience of the owner. On the other hand, wanted to count with spaces comfortable and enjoyable to enjoy the company of the dishes, as they often receive visits from family and friends.

kitchens with white island design-santos clysa

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