A neutral style that evokes to travel to distant and exotic. This is what happens when we access the interior of this home designed by the interior design studio Live In Design. Formed on the base of high-quality materials and simple, which provide comfort and quality in each of its corners, the house is crowned with an exotic touch through a selection of furniture and decorative pieces from the Middle East. A dwelling with natural and made travel invites us to explore all the margins, through its charismatic details.

This last aspect is not a mere coincidence, since the owners are a young couple who has spent the last year living outside of Spain and traveling all over the world. The result of these trips is your new home located in Madrid, which reflects perfectly the diversity of experiences that have been lived in distant lands.

To achieve that dynamic spirit and traveler, Live in Design has combined decorative details acquired in local markets (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzanya, Japan, India, Qatar, Spain, etc) with the essence of a cozy home and simple. A space become the refuge of all adventurous and want to return thanks to the warmth a design halfway between the neutral and sophisticated.


The soft colors and natural textures predominate in the whole house. If something is wanted in this house was to give a interior design warm, to comfort, to those in which the intimacy and relationships arise in a natural way. A style imperfect and simple that fans in every corner and with which you can travel across the world thanks to their furniture, many of them from the Middle East.

This mixture rich and varied takes us to find in your interior exotic accents as masks of Kenya; Tanzania, Bangkok and Sri Lanka, dishes, and carpet from Afghanistan, a dining table bought in Dubai, the couch of Qatar, the small pictures of the living room are original maps of the united States, the marriage bed is style mat to mark THE ONE or sinks of Bali.

We cannot lose sight of other native elements, bought in antique shops or local markets, as the mirror of the master bedroom that I bought at a antique shop in Madrid. In the hallway there is also a table of wood that is the side of a reliquary in a Church of Burgos of the EIGHTEENTH century and the large format paintings are the work of the madrid painter Kastro.

The result of the project of interior design highlighted by an interior that has recreated the spirit traveler of the young couple of owners through the eclecticism of the decorative housing. A home for lost between their details and uncover those regions that are looming beyond our gaze.

Living room intimate and cozy


Living room intimate and cozy

The first thing that catches the attention of the home is the spacious living room which has generated an atmosphere cozy and intimate. Here, in addition to the sofa size XL, has created a zone for relaxation and leisure in the purest Arabic style, formed by a high bed made in work with numerous cushions, ideal for rewarding moments of family entertainment.

The design is harmonious and uniform


The design is harmonious and uniform

With a simple design and natural has managed to provide harmony to all the rooms. The floor, designed specifically for this house, is a pallet of great natural format-treated oil with a touch of concrete within the knots, in a tone very clear. The structure of the whole housing has recovered to quit to view the original configuration of beams and reinforced concrete pillars.

The windows have been restored to the original charm of the building, as well as the radiators of time that exuded elegance and painted in black. The interior joinery throughout the house have been designed as a single continuous plane from floor to ceiling, without moldings.

A kitchen with island in grey and black


A kitchen with island in grey and black

With a bold design and modern in shades of grey and black, the kitchen has been compartmentalized with locksmith of cast iron and glass made as lane hidden in floor and ceiling, in such a way that it can be closed or open to the dining area as appropriate.

On the island gray granite honed, the fume hood fume glass is suspended by wires invisible. The kitchen floor is tiled hydraulic, brand Natucer American Melrose.

Natural stone and bamboo in the bathroom


Natural stone and bamboo in the bathroom

The natural stone is the main element of the wall of the shower in the en-suite bathroom. It has managed to boost its solemnity thanks to indirect lighting by wallwashers, which simulates the effect of a skylight. In this way, the light bathes vertically to the wall in a way that is subtle and natural. The countertops in the bathrooms, made to measure, are of bamboo wood.

Soft colors and natural textures


Soft colors and natural textures

As we have seen, in the housing dominated the soft colors and natural textures. A decorative line that is transferred to all the rooms. It is the case of the master bedroom, which features a large walk-in closet in a back room. A space that captivates by its simplicity and its design is based on natural materials.

Children's room in style neutral and cheerful


Children’s room in style neutral and cheerful

Children’s room continues the neutral style of the whole house. Fleeing from the palette traditional pink or blue, has gotten a space cheerful and very stimulating by using a base in tones very subtle wisely combined with painted paper with some geometric details, colorful, textile-colours very vivid and pictures graphics illustrations for children.

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