The more and the less, we have all tried at some time a Turkish bath / steam bath. An unforgettable experience is, of course, the step-by-hammam Cemberlitas, Istanbul. So called, Turkish bath, by their origin (born in West Asia), emerged as a public space in which to keep social relations in a relaxing environment. The hammam is a steam bath that relaxes both the body and mind, in addition, helps remove toxins, improves circulation and reduces stress and fatigue.

His appeal is such that, in recent days, the “hammames” are starting to overcome the barriers of public spaces (almost all major cities have yours) to enter in private homes.

If you want to have your own, what better time to put hands to the work that in these days, making it the shelter where the disconnect and forget the cold?

José Miguel Simon, interior designer and director of Iconno, gives us some advice to achieve this easily in only four steps.

The cabin


The cabin

The first step, without doubt, choose the cabin ideal. Can be totally isolated or attached to a wall, but you must reach the ceiling, leaving a crack that will allow the entry of fresh air (it will be forming the white steam), to be designed in tempered glass of not less than 6 mm in thickness, and have a door that is open to the outside (this openness is essential to your comfort and have more space). In addition, the more transparent (reduces the metal profiles as much as possible), the feeling of being in a cloud in the middle of the bathroom will be higher. The model Bilico, from antoniolupi, it is a very good option.

A tip: tilt the roof so that the water vapor does not fall on you while you’re enjoying your moment of relaxation.

The steam


The steam

Essential in this case and easy to get. Each time there are more firms that offer steam generators-domestic. Effe is one of the most prominent. Remember that the generator you will need a power outlet, in addition to the water intake and drain.

The light


The light

If you want the relaxation is absolute, choose a light warm or, true to the indications of the chromotherapy, bow for options with a change of color. Remember that the colors most relaxing are blue, the green, the purple, all of them in a light tone, almost pastel.




Wood is the symbol of the warmth par excellence. In this case, therefore, becomes the material star. Choose the wood, the essential bank, but also the furniture for support, the towel, etc., And, why not, to increase still more the feeling of comfort, include in your bathroom a fireplace. To me, personally, I love the model Drago, of antoniolupi. To maintain a comfortable temperature when you leave the hammam you can also opt for a few radiators in warm tones, like the model Kubik brand Tubes, in bronze.

Ready. Are ready to disconnect?

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