Style sesentero vision, chic, cool and contemporary of 2021. This is the premise under which it is born ‘Home’, a housing fully up-to-date through a comprehensive reform that has highlighted the need to modernize the entire space. A work of interior design of studio U+G Architecture that has returned to give life to this house located in the seville neighborhood of Los Remedios.

The reform consisted in the total transformation of a former floor of the 60s to turn it into what we see now: a home reorganized, modern and very functional. In it we can find all the details of furnishings and facilities required for a home with children that sought to spaces more spacious and bright to enjoy the day-to-day.

Plant in the form of L, the surface sum 150 m2, but, initially, all the rooms were very compartmentalized. This provision served to the study seville to rearrange the spaces, clearly separating the area day and night in each one of its sides, so that rooms such as the kitchen and the living room do not interfere in the rest area.


A key aspect to their owners, being a large family with three young kids, needed the maximum differentiate stays of others. In fact, this spirit of youth is reflected in the whole house, since the goal of this work passed for a total change of look I drew a cosmopolitan style and aesthetic with a global sense.

And is that, if there is something that stands out the interior of this residence, it is for that character dynamic and modern that is observed in aspects such as distribution, lighting, materials, and colors that make up the house. We encourage you now that you will look to see, room by room, all areas that constitute this home located in the center of Seville.

Charting a new distribution


Charting a new distribution

In this project, we have chosen to relocate to the kitchen, located originally in a residual space which overlooked an inner courtyard, something very characteristic in the buildings of that time. The change in the location, now positioned in the main façade, provides continuity to the living room by a sliding awning steel and glass, turning this space in the “soul” of the house.
“Today, these spaces seem to us to be fundamental to develop family life, that’s why we chose manufacture as an island that finds its continuation at a high table to eat, play and do homework,” says Carolina Ureta, a member of the co-founders of the study.

A living room more spacious and inviting


A living room more spacious and inviting

We find the dining room, everything has been designed to the last detail. For starters, the living room original was expanded in width including the back corridor and the sofas were placed between the pillars. The result is this space that highlights the careful lighting, lights, lamps, indirect and foseado the perimeter of the roof, as well as the design of a shelf of drywall with indirect lighting by led strips dimerizadas. All this makes the living room is a cozy place in which you can regulate the intensity of the lighting according to the needs.

The day area: marked by the light


The day area: marked by the light

Complete the sofas and armchairs of Chissel, made to measure, a comfortable retro-style, a mirror that was made, a rug from Ikea, cushions with fabric of James Malone, two low tables -study design – in iron with wooden cover and an extendable dining table, also designed by U+G.

A master bedroom very comfortable


A master bedroom very comfortable

In the night zone are distributed by the master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and an area prior to a dressing. The lighting of this space also features a foseado in the false ceiling on the headboard of the bed, with indirect lighting for led.
The headboard wall painted in a color caldera in tune with the games of the bed, next to the wooden flooring and the cabinets minimal DM lacquered in white -with handles tabs discounted-provides a warm and relaxed environment.

Children's bedrooms that give a lot of game


Children’s bedrooms that give a lot of game

We now come to the children’s bedrooms for the little ones of the house. These have been arranged one after the other, separated by a large sliding door hidden in the wall.

The first room was dedicated to games room and study, with a guest bed folding. The second, as a bedroom with bunk beds triple. In this way, eliminating aisles and take advantage of the spaces for storage lockers.

Bathrooms functional


Bathrooms functional

In the bathroom of the children, located at the entrance of the dorms, it was a piece of furniture washbasin flown with double breast Solid Surface with faucet built-in, tiled to half height and wallpaper with design of boats Ideas Marbella. The TOILETS are also flown for easy cleaning, and the inside of the tub was installed a niche tiled to the placement of cans.

Toilet in warm tones


Toilet in warm tones

Finally, both the main bathroom as the toilet are a few warmer tones for the walls in the range of the beige furniture and washbasins made of wood, fitted with drawers without handles.

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