An environment marked by the pink, the comfort and quality beer. Far away from the typical breweries, comes this contemporary space and fresh in the mall Heron City Paterna (Valencia). This is the first terrace Bierwinkel Experience of Spain, exclusively designed by the study valencian Sinmas.

Many people will wonder: can A brewery pink? However, why not? It is thus born this space in which everything can happen. There is No limit to it, nor for Christian Jardel, ceo of the distributor hispanic belgian Bierwinkelwho thought of creating this terrace unusual for people who love beer.

Siegfried Serra and Matthew Climent, study Sinmas, have been in charge of designing the first brewery with character striking and futuristic inspired by the famous pink elephant in the belgian Delirium Tremens.

“What I wondered is why the breweries had to all be the same and I thought that we should not put limits to creativity, and we could break stereotypes,” explains Jardel adds: “So, I thought of a different model, in which to enjoy the very brewers and those that are not, in a relaxed environment and very careful.”

The first brewery with character striking and futuristic inspired by the famous pink elephant in the belgian Delirium Tremens.

Now that the triumph of the open spaces in the world of hospitality is an unstoppable reality, Sinmas has achieved that arise intimate atmospheres through the small areas created with separators and the very distribution of the furniture. To do this they employed structures of black that create volume in the space and help to privatize areas.

In addition, with the recent crisis caused by the Covid-19, if there is something that is trending (in addition to the outdoor spaces) it is the individual zones. Thus, the distribution of is brewery is designed for use spaces individual that provides the user with privacy, comfort, and safety in the times in which we live.

As can be seen at first sight, so clear, the color used was all a bet for the pink tones in a monochrome very marked is given by the elephant, and that brings a touch of sophisticated and fun.

“The employment of rose shades, are a new vision of the typical brewery, through these shades that we get to live an experience not known until the time to” ensure Serra and Climent. But it’s not completely pink, since we can also find small touches of white, black, and blue combined with materials more warm and natural as streamers, wood, and fabrics.

With all this and much more, you get to live in this space all in an unknown experience so far. A brewery that is a reflection of the beer with character striking and futuristic that will not leave anyone indifferent. Don’t miss out on this new experience in Valencia!

Furniture curved lines


Furniture curved lines

The furniture used is of lines and sinuous curves that give the user a comfortable environment and pleasant.

To do this it has had pieces of the design firms first line as the mythical Roly Poly designed by Faye Toogood for Driade in pink finish, the tables Burin designed by the Spanish Patricia Urquiola and marketed by Viccarbe in white finish, or chairs Woody Josep Lluscá to Solve in the same finish.

Spacers rounded up the space


Spacers rounded up the space

A great visual separator surrounds the space, made in metal structure lacquered in fire on black; the contribution warm is embodied in the inner separators made of wicker and wood and the carpet of the floor in textile natural raffia.

We also can not lose detail of the great contribution of nature that rounds off the proposal decorative. A true sensory experience!

A lighting meticulously cared for


A lighting meticulously cared for

The lighting has been carefully cared for, playing with a technical lighting in dark and projectors, which helps the space to mark out the different areas and customers to enjoy this unique moment.

The space features a decorative lighting such as for example the lamp Panthella portable designed by Verner Panton for Louis Poulsen founded in 1971, lamps suspension designed by the studio and manufactured by Peralta Vidavi and we also find the lamps, Neon Art from Seletti. With this they get to create different atmospheres in the same space, the seal of the study in Valencia.

Colour in tones of pink and futuristic style


Colour in tones of pink and futuristic style

The contribution of color is the responsibility of the editor-in-Diabla, all in shades of roses, such as the collection 356 Pablo Gironés and Jose A. Gandia Blasco, table Ploid Romero & Vallejo, table Abstrakt mona Jonathan Lawes and table D12 Marià Castelló, among others.

The graphic work is the work of Jordi Martinez for My Artist Lab, are a reflection of the spirit of the space, with its colour in pink tones and scenes from futuristic style.

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