This year, the most we are going to bet for the national tourism for many reasons. Some of caution, others reduce costs, and most, by supporting the sector that the more wealth it brings to our country. Tourism has become the largest source of revenue and represents 14.6% of our GDP, in addition to almost 3 million jobs.

Spain has a wealth of cultural, scenic and culinary only ones that have become the second most visited destination in the world, just behind France. But until now, the biggest part of the tourism that we received was a foreigner.

This year, after the pandemic, the Spanish we have proposed to spend a vacation within our borders and discover all the magical places hidden in the Peninsula and our islands. Beach, mountains, cities and villages with history, food tours, wine tours, river cruises, hiking trails magical… the possibilities offered by our country are endless.

But not all the attractions are located on the outside. Doors in Spain esconce multitude of accommodation with charm created to offer a unique stay at the height of the cultural, scenic and culinary of our destinations. We have given you a virtual walk-through of the hotels rural and urban made in Spain and we have selected 7 accommodations magic in times of pandemic.

Cap Rocat Hotel Mallorca


Cap Rocat Hotel Mallorca

The hotel deep in the Mediterranean is hidden in the interior of a old military fortress built to guard the Bay of Palma. After a hard process of rebuilding, today’s Cap Rocat Hotel has become one of the most special hotels in the Mediterranean.

Besides being a constriction spectacular blends brilliantly with their surroundings, a protected natural area of priceless beauty. The reconstruction was conducted by the architect Antonio Obrador who knew how to respect as anyone its original structure and the conditions of the environment.

But her big secret is hidden in the bowels of the sandstone. The sentinelsare rooms carved into the rock, created as points of defense of the ancient fortress and have all the luxuries imaginable, including a small private pool with stunning views of the sea.

Miluna Open Rooms, Toledo


Miluna Open Rooms, Toledo

Sleeping under the stars as it is not necessary to camping in the open air. The hotels bubble have been incorporated into the universe of the “glamping” providing the unique experience of sleeping under the starry sky with all the luxuries of a hotel.

The bubbles of the Miluna Open Room have the name of the moon, and offer an impressive panoramic view of the sky to be isolated from a population. Are spaces created to disconnect the rhythm of nature and the stars.

The bubbles are like small planets that feature a large four-poster bed, bathroom with heavenly views and a telescope to explore the universe.

The Balm, Belmonte, Cuenca


The Balm, Belmonte, Cuenca

Fresh out of the oven, the last rural hotel that we’ve come to love is a manor house of the XVI century it boasts of being the first accommodation with 5 stars in the province of Cuenca.

The Balm has 7 beautiful rooms, all with a unique décor, and 2 apartments with kitchen. And that’s precisely have been the owners managers decorate each of the rooms and common spaces.

The common areas are also a delight, as can be observed in the courtyards and caves original of the old mansion for now to the enjoyment of their customers. Without a doubt, the highlight is the heated swimming pool, located in an ancient cave and pool outside of salt water that will delight your visitors throughout the year.

The Brotherhood of Villalba Villanueva de Barros, Badajoz


The Brotherhood of Villalba Villanueva de Barros, Badajoz

Lucas and Hernández-Gil signature of The Brotherhood of Villalba, this rural accommodation in the extremadura region of Tierra de Barros, where it has carried out complete rehabilitation of this building of the EIGHTEENTH century. The goal, keep the original elements of this stunning two-story house, with three bays of load-bearing walls and a beautiful dome extremaduran on the ground floor.

To keep the essence extremaduran of the building was installed in a floor of mud, very similar to the original and was restored to the woodworking, richly ornamented, now in green color.

The common areas are spacious and with a sober decoration, tinged with contemporary, where are masterly the original elements of the space. The furniture of the rooms, also simple, mixed elements of wood, rattan or wicker in an austere manner, but successful.

Photos: ©José Hevia

Fontenille Menorca


Fontenille Menorca

With more than 300 hectares, and in one of one of the islands most sought-after of the Mediterranean, divided into two farms, independent, Santa Ponsa and Torre Vella, Fontenille is a paradise on earth.

Both properties have their own personality. While Santa Ponsa is a budget, created on the basis of an ancient palace of the SEVENTEENTH century, with lush gardens and terraces, Torre Vella it receives its name from the old watch tower located in the center of the house and consists of 200 hectares, bordered by impressive cliffs. A hotel, two experiences.

Santa Ponsa, there are 21 rooms and suites with décor inspiration colonial dominated by the furniture of rattan. Torre Vella for his part, offers 17 spacious rooms, most with a large terrace and some with a private swimming pool.

Photos: ®Yann Deret

The Organic Experience, Ronda, Malaga, Spain


The Organic Experience, Ronda, Malaga, Spain

A farmhouse surrounded by olive trees and lavender it’s the perfect excuse to flee the city to this haven of peace just a few kilometers from Ronda, in the province of Malaga. With just 4 rooms, THE Organic Experience boasts of being one of the best experiences of rural tourism of the province of Malaga.

Restored and decorated by Philippe Starckone of the more people engage in the project of the organic oils of Organic, it is also in charge of creating some of the pieces that we find in the guided tour of the olive grove.

The Bionda, Begur, Girona


The Bionda, Begur, Girona

One of the most beautiful of the Catalan Coast is without a doubt the population of Begur, Girona. In the center of this population are The Bionda, a boutique hotel 8 rooms and four centuries of history. Restored with great care by the study Quintana Partners, respected the original architecture and opted for sustainability to ensure the minimum environmental impact.

The decoration of the rooms, all with a female name, combines colors and textures, creating a style that makes them unique.

Where are you going on vacation this summer?

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