Without a doubt, one of the securities that are the protagonists of any dining room, you are on the chairs. But how do you choose, and make this a movable core part of the composition? Something very, very important that we don’t know, they need to be awe-inspiring, quality, and above all soft.

That’s because it’s in the dining-room, which we have received the guests, and we sat down at the table and in the pursuit of comfort food. With this in mind, we partnered with the Montacasa, and we put together a list of some of the models, from the upholstered chairs to the dining room, which make for the most successful, and, as a bonus, they are truly icons in the design. It is worth to check them out and choose the option that best suits you!

Types of upholstered chairs to use in your dining-room-Photo-of-Greenbaum Interiors

1. Learn about one of the most beautiful types of upholstered chairs! – Photo-of-Greenbaum Interiors

Upholstered chairs for a dining room, that is a charm

From retro to modern, there’s the right model for your dining room. And best of all, all the models that separated them have a classic design and a mark on the history of the furniture, as it’s something that is unique and extremely innovative. After you have read it, let us know in the comments which ones are your darlings!

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The modern, this piece was created in the 1980s by a French designer, Philippe Starck, has been designed for the decoration of a parisian café of the same name. Originally, it is in an overstuffed chair with a back rest of a wood, dark -, and three legs at an angle, but it is not at all difficult to find the best models, inspired on this chair you have in other colors, and design that is reminiscent of the original model.

Types of upholstered chairs Costes Chair, the Picture of the Picswe

2. The chairs are upholstered in a type Costes Chair-have a look and striking. Photo of Picswe

The Chair’s Cabaret Fledermaus

It is not by chance that the Seat’s Cabaret Fledermaus in this estilinho retro feel. It was originally designed at the beginning of the XXTH century, in the hands of the designer and architect of the austrian, Josef Hoffmann. The piece of wood that was specially created for the world famous Cabaret Fledermaus in Vienna, and that Hoffman took as inspiration for the bold lines and the thin and the architect of the scottish Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Types of chairs upholstered in Cabaret Fledermaus-Photo-of-ArchiExpo

3. A more “minimalist” in the overstuffed chair and Cabaret Fledermaus is no less impressive. – Photo-of-ArchiExpo

Chair-The Tulip

The Tulip is one of the upholstered chairs, more kept in mind, in addition to being a true design icon. It was created in 1956 for the designer and the Finnish architect Eero Saarinen, and she doesn’t have her name for nothing: the idea that, from the very beginning, was that the piece is like the flower of the singer with a thin, and with a back rounded, as if he were in full bloom. In the traditional model, it is white and red, but now a days it is possible to find on the chair, the Tulip with the arms in a different color.

Types of upholstered chairs, Vakantie Foto de Pinterest

4. The chairs are upholstered in Attractive they are superconfortáveis. Photo from Pinterest

Cadeira Klismos

The chair, Klismos is one of the oldest on our list, and perhaps one of the first in the history, as no records of this piece of sculpture and painting in Ancient Greece. The model-of-a chair has legs that are bent to the outside, it seems they do not support the weight of someone who is sitting in it, just the design of the model has come to show the greatness of god and the importance of them to the whole world. Now, in addition to the Klismos in traditional wood, it is possible to find a piece of metal, lightweight, and fiber.

Types of upholstered chairs Klismos

5. The tone of the wood, and the upholstery will influence greatly on the shape of the seat upholstered Klismos

A chair upholstered Louis XV

The chair, chair, Louis XV, this is only a sample of the whole, a style born in the late EIGHTEENTH century, in France, during the reign of its own, Louis XV. In a general sense, this inspiration is characterised by the use of high-quality materials, neutral tones, the use of bronze, and in some details and curves, bends over and exchange commission. Such a unique style that is still in use today, especially in environments that are classics. And guess what: in the overstuffed chair, Louis XV, is a wild card in any dining room!

Types of upholstered chairs Luiz XV

6. The chairs are upholstered in a Luiz XV, is the face of sleek sophistication


The chair, the Medallion features a “what’s classic, and it’s a lot like the model in the overstuffed chair before. Not surprisingly, this piece also appeared in France, and has as its inspiration, the chairs that are used during the reign of Louis XVI. This model is very elegant, very delicate, and it even has a detail of romantic, in a few cases, and, in fact, it’s the perfect on anything from the dining room.

Types of chairs upholstered in Medallion-Photo-of-AnnWilkes

7. The detail on the back of the seat, makes all the difference in the soft chairs in the Locket. Photo of AnnWilkes

Now, let us know in the comments which one is your overstuffed chair playing with. Some of them you have obtained, and wanted to be in the dining room? Tell everyone! It is worth noting that any of the overstuffed chair that you choose, it is important to follow the recommendations for use and clean so that the furniture will last much longer and look like new every time.

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