Do you have a room that just go into the light? What a bedroom overlooking a courtyard? Do one of these older homes, in cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, they attract attention by their low luminosity? You might be happy to know that there are numerous indoor plants that need no light and with that you can decorate your house in the style of green.

Preferences in plant matter, do not stop growing. More and more people into the universe of the plantes of the interior as a decorative element that brings freshness, well-being, and one aspect of what a more casual feel to your home. In fact, recently we were talking about the success of hanging plants to decorate homes. Do you still do you’ve any?

If the problem for you is that you don’t have bright areas, this is no lock. You just have to find the plants that best fit the space you have. Because yes, there are species which can survive almost without light.

This mode tends to come from places like jungles, where the large number of trees and their height does not allow the rays of the sun fall directly on the vegetation.

This explains that we can find a great variety of tropical plants of the interior, with bright colours and abundant foliage. But attention, that don’t need sunlight does not mean that you have to over-water. On the contrary, may be susceptible to rot your roots if they are watered abundantly.

Therefore, do not have the direct light that contributes to the evaporation of water, it is recommended water them only when the soil is dry and keep the humidity with a spray on the leaves.

We leave you now with a selection of the best indoor plants that need no light natural. Bromeliads, dracaena lemon, potos, or the fern culantrillo are some of the favorite to decorate areas of the home such as bathrooms, living rooms, basements with low light and even offices.




Have you ever seen a bromeliad? A tropical plant of the interior, which stands out for its bright colours and will add a touch of color to your home. They are ideal for inside, since they do not require direct light, they only fluorescent light or the light that sneaks in an indirect way. Put them wherever you want, but it prevents you from receiving the rays of the sun stares at you because their leaves can burn.

Flower of peace


Flower of peace

This curious plant is native to the rain forests of America. The flower of peace requires an indirect lighting to produce the greatest quantity of flowers, even so, in case you have nothing of light, it will continue to grow and develop in the interior. It grows very fast!

Pointing his name, because it is perfect for decorating any space with its glossy leaves and deep green. As a curiosity, the beautiful white flowers are actually a protective sheet modified grows around the yellow flower.




The potos is perhaps one of the plants most well-known of the interior. It grows fast, you don’t need a lot of light, and his flowers, fall-mode climbing as you grow. Therefore, it is ideal as a plant pendant due to its striking appearance.

Moreover, it requires little care and, as they do not need the direct light of the sun, you can adapt to almost any condition. In fact you can live either in the substrate and in the water. Remember that if its leaves begin to turn yellow is because maybe you are getting too much indirect light.

Cane moves


Cane moves

The rod moves is ideal as a decorative item, perfect to decorate any corner with its leaves eye-catching. But be careful, in case you have small children or pets, you have to be careful with it, because some parts of the plant are toxic and can cause allergic reactions. As for the rest, the dieffenbachia it grows well in low-light conditions or with indirect light.




Another of the plants more and more included in the universe of the interior decoration is the Sansevieria. A species is ideal to decorate both homes and offices by how its leaves fill in the space through form and color. In fact, it grows in vertical, it can be used as decorative element to add height to a space.

Also known as Tongue of Mother-in-law, or with the sword of são Jorge, this plant is perfect for beginners. It is also one of the plants most versatile, needs little light and can be grown in almost any space. With respect to the moisture, it is a species that requires little watering, and is on the list of plants that will purify the air.

Fern culantrillo


Fern culantrillo

There are many varieties of ferns, but if you like the unique ways that create this type of plant, then your plant is ideal fern culantrillo. Has a thick leaves falling so fine and elegant. Luckily, you can have it in the shade, without the need of direct light, as long as keep it moist.

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