In the same living room, different kinds of decorations. Many times, the initial idea for those who want to change the look of any environment, is to use the elements that surround the work, and a lot of times, they lead to pain in the head to knock down a wall and paint it to another, or to apply to any of the coating. However, to give it a new identity, a space, it can be more simple than you might think.


Free no objects, and furniture decor

In the apartment, and the basic features such as a sofa, curtain, tv, and fireplace, the stone remains the same-to show you that just by using decorative objects and add-ons are different, you can make various settings to the living room. Cushions, coffee tables, rugs, chairs, rack, panel, and chairs and tables are essential to a challenge in these!

Check out the article, five tips for a decoration for the living room that show you how to make a new decoration in your home with small items, they will not have an impact on your pocket, and not have to spend the time for those who are willing to transform your house in a way that’s quick, easy, and innovative browser.

Pillow: the Colors and Textures on the Couch

The cushions are for decorative purposes only relatively low-cost, easy-to-find, and they have a great variety of colors, patterns, and textures. Just be creative and a little bit daring for a ride on the sets!

In the first approach, a mix of cushions in different patterns and colors, bright highlights on the arms and leaves it in the environment to life. The third choice, and brings the pads of green, which give the space for color, but at the same time, light….


In the second case, a classic, was chosen, and a mix of cushions in neutral, but the textures and the different sizes to give a charm to your sofa area.

The green is a color which goes in harmony with light walls and the floor of the living. A tip for good for those who want to give a new air to your sofa, is a change only to the covers of the cushions, it can be stored in the closet when not in use, without taking up too much space, so they can be used again and again.

Coffee table: Composition of the Different

Another option for a not so expensive and easiest way to give a fresh environment, it is changing the decor, to the center of the room: the small tables. In the first version, the two ottomans table made of concrete, accompanied by a book of colorful decorations on top, closes with a duet with the ottoman in the fabric of the couch.

In the latter case, a large ottoman square in the same fabric as the sofa, and two ottomans, small, round leather, eco, form a set of very modern, practical and comfortable as possible. In the third, the composition of a mixture of two of the above brings up a result of the most fun and versatile. Or, in other words, with a few options, and the mix of them, we set up three rooms-beautiful and different. It does not have to be afraid to get creative!

chairs creative

Chairs and arm Chairs: Different Positions, in Different Environments

Even in a small environment, it’s important to have the seats to accommodate all the visitors, such as friends and family members. Because of this, the three options that are present with the chairs on the side of the couch, and serving as a point in the living room.

In the latter case, the seating of wood and straw to form the joint, whereas in the first one, these are given the cushions, which add to the feeling of comfort, and leave you the same as moving to a new footprint. In the third environment, there are two of the chairs at the table in the dining room were switched to position and hold the other end of the room. The details: how they are in an animal print, you can combine great with the blend of colors and textures, and in this way!

Rugs: Decorate your Room, without Losing any of the Comfort

The key when it is in the decoration and comfort of the carpet, can be a great solution to change the environment and make it more cozy. In this flat, two-mats, with different allowed the three versions of the decoration.

rugs, creative

In the first and third options, in this rug classic rectangle over grey completes the space, and in the second case, a carpet, shaggy faux give a call to the set, coffee tables, and poufs. The advantage of using water to transform the face in an environment that they can be rolled up and stored for when the urge to change, re-arise, and do not occupy too much space, and if they are not being used.

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Pictures: on the Loose for More Options

There is nothing better to take away the empty wall that is in beautiful paintings! The coolest part of the item of furniture is that you can have several tables scattered around the house and changing the positions and environments, as well as it did in the apartment. From the bedroom to the living room, from the living room to the bedroom, the options are plenty! Also, it is interesting to use all the frames with small decorative items, that are placed at the top of the stands or is supported by the wall. In addition to providing an outcome of the modern and stripped down, it makes it much easier to change them and create new settings.

frame creative

One living room, three rooms gorgeous and different, each with its own play style! The first one, with a footprint in over a clean, light and contemporary. In the second case, at a very young age, and color the room gets is a blend of hues and have a more modern look. In the third stage, the shades of green bring a soothing feel, and comfort.

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[col2]Decorating tips for living Room COMPOSITION-3 - 4[/col2]
[col3]Decorating tips for living Room COMPOSITION-2 - 4[/col3]

That is, without having to change all the main aspects of the environment, such as a sofa, curtain, tv, fireplace and paint on the walls, and even to the floor, set up three different compositions, different with just a decoration. Loose elements that are essential, for this reason, even a small apartment, because they make it easy for the changes, and make it possible to leave the place with a new and surprising way. To seek references, and the daring creativity makes all the difference!

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