The receiver or hall is our letter of introduction. It is the first impression we have on those visits you come home and your look says a lot about us. Already in ancient Rome is area acquired great importance in defining the border between public and private space. This is why there is room, from its origins, has been raised as a small sitting room that served as the lobby was the main area of the housing and in which they could ‘expect’ to the residents in this.

This concept has been maintained over the centuries, ranging from distribution to its name, but always with the same function. The lobby is the prologue that precedes the story that our house want to tell. And, although it has been losing is important, and in many cases falling into decline by the lack of space, or by simply be passing zone, making this space is captivating is easier than you think.

Give a touch of colour with a striking element or mirrors to improve the lighting of the space, are just some of the small changes that can make the hall of our house, the best presentation card. ‘ll give you the keys to transform your hall into a space distinguished and modern.

A luxury seat


A luxury seat

As a place ‘out’ there is an undoubted need for a comfortable seat and elegant. Along with an auxiliary table, a pillow with patterned amazing or an intense colour and a vase eye-catching in the same tone, whether as a chair or in version armchair, the receiver will look like a hall at the height of the best luxury hotel.

Photos: Westwing / El Corte Inglés

A piece of furniture surprising


A piece of furniture surprising

If what you want is to attract the attention of your visitors, but you don’t have a lot of space and in addition you don’t want to overload the area of the entry, what you need is a console. With gilded elements, it looks lightweight, and with some extremely detailed to make them a unique item, so is the console you need to turn your receiver on an exceptional place. There are consoles, whose design make them true works of art.

Photos: Maisons du Monde / Kave Home

Vases as protagonists


Vases as protagonists

It is essential to include vasesin any hall, and give them a prominent place. Currently they seem to sculpture are a success, whether they are glass, with metallic effect, or even in a size XL. To create a unique optical effect, creating a composition of 3 or fill with a bouquet enormous are the options that will captivate.

Photos: La redoute / Kave Home

Walls decorated


Walls decorated

As if a large mural is treated, the walls of the hall are a great canvas eager to be painted. Panels filled with color, flowers, insects decorative… any option is ideal for those who want to go further and add that touch that elevates the style of the receiver.

Photos: Westwing / Maisons du Monde

Pictures and mirrors worthy of the finest museum


Pictures and mirrors worthy of the finest museum

If you’re looking to add a touch of chic and trendy, changing the minimum, perhaps what you’re looking for is to include a single piece as a box or a mirror. Large and flat on the floor or console can become the protagonists of the stay and make the delight of those who visit it.

Photos: Westwing / Leroy Merlin

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