In the past, the flat was much larger in the tube, taking up a lot of space, and that’s asking for a shelf or in a rack to support the TV, and other decorative items. In today’s day and they are fine, and they can even be attached to a wall or in a home living room, but it’s the habit of writing in this space, other objects, or the decorations remain the same.

If you walk in without an idea for that small corner, we’ve separated a few tips on how to take advantage of this time to relax by watching their movies, and tv shows.

Distance to the TELEVISION

Let’s start with the TV on. Your room is in need of a new tv? First, it’s good to know that there’s no point buying a TV that’s a huge 50-inch and if your living-room or room is too small. Moreover, it does not hold, you will easily be able to attend the program. Did you know that there is a table of the defined distance to watch TV? The relation of the distance X, the size of the TV is very important in order to avoid problems in the eyes of the viewers as well. It’s always good to see at the distance recommended that before you purchase any TV in your home. By confirming with the space, now it’s time to choose the best device for your cozy corner.

Cable ever built

Picked up for TV, and now it’s time to set for the room in which it will be installed. Nothing on the wires showing! If you have already decided on a cabinet or something more definitive, but the best option is to hard-code the cables from the TV to the wall or cabinet. If you have decided that you are going to recess the cables from the TV on the wall, it is necessary to hire a mason to do the work. You’re going to need is a PVC pipe to pass through the wiring harness, and then you can seal it up well, and the paint on the wall. So, if you need to buy a TV, you will need the most work, as you simply pull on the wires and move the wiring to the new through the hole again.

the living room is decorated with a panel of the TV in the wood

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The furniture will

The furniture is custom-tailored and are the best option for you, as it is designed to meet the needs and preferences of each and every one. Whether you need to divide the rooms, a pro-tip is to have a panel on the spinner, which lets a TV, for free on both sides. It is super stripped down in environments that are multi-functional, such as the kitchen and the dining room. The furniture can be made of wood with bright colors and dark, it will all depend on the decor of the remainder of the room that you want to render with the installation of a panel or rack.

the decor is modern with a control panel for TV, swivel

Time for TV.

Another secret of how to watch TV without hassles is to get it at a good height for a viewer, sitting, and that’s it, after all, no one should be-and nor do you want to watch a tv stand. It is at this point in time, that if you are using a table that can help you measure the distance from the couch to the size of your TV. Have you ever imagined to put your TV, the more skewed, and set in a concrete wall? There are racks that link the unit to the side of it.

Mix of styles –

Combine shelves of different sizes, niches might be interesting to re-frame your tv. The idea of attaching boxes to the sound in the back of the TV it also makes the room into a true home teather. Who hasn’t dreamed of having a movie theater in your house? In the first place, and don’t forget to buy the TV,the Tv screens, LED’s are the best.

the decoration for the living room TV, modern, and spacious, the home teather

Another idea is to put your TV on a stand, surrounded by books or by the board. If your system does not have a panel, the ideal choice is to use a different color paint and paint it on the wall where you will attach to the TV. The space can seem like a more laid-back, easygoing, and even the well-moderninho! Now, if you have it in your home with a wall of brick ” in appearance, you will not have almost any work, just set your TV on a bracket on the wall and you’re done! But if it’s the environment that it asks for discretion, the trick is to put the TV is hidden behind a set of sliding doors.

living room decor with TV, wall brick and wood flooring

You liked the ideas and you we have separated for that small corner of your TV? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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