The living room is the environment of choice for many people and a lot of times we just inspirations, tips and decoration-rooms to large, for this reason, we have prepared a partnership with a web site building Construction-this post is super nifty for those who want to know how to decorate a small living room!

Small living room with a leather sofa, striped rug and colourful the panel for the TV's in the wood-Photo by Eduardo Imóveis

1. A small living room may also be served. Photo by Eduardo Imóveis

Shelves, containers and

On the store shelves, niches, and panels for the living room, can help you with the decoration and also the organization, and they are the perfect choice for the decoration of the small environment. What is the best, they are very versatile and can be used as well in other parts of the house, as they have a standard model in the format box, but it can also be found in other file formats.

A good tip is to put together some of the niche, creating a composition, it is very cool. They are stylish for small rooms and take advantage of the vertical space in those places without getting in the way of the circulation, leaving the more modern and relaxed atmosphere.

The shelves are a solution for the decoration of the small living room. They are good for placing the items that are required but little used in the day-to-day, and you can opt for a simple model of wood, or something a bit more sophisticated in keeping with the style of the inhabitants of the house.

Small living room with pillows in assorted styles on the sofa with gray-the Picture from We Heart It

2. Small living room with pillows in assorted styles. Photo from We Heart It

The chassis with the panel, in its turn, is an object that is functional, and it makes all the difference in the look of the room and go in addition to being a decorative item. It helps you to set your tv to the wall and leave out the wires, hiding behind it, leaving you with a look it’s cute.

At the time, to decorate them, don’t add too many elements that are directly on the panel, because the look is heavy. To place one item that stands out as a picture frame or make a composition of only one element, it can be a game, book, vase, etc.


It is quite common to make mistakes when choosing your sofa for your living room decor, small. The most important thing to know is that it should not be too large, as you will be on the edge of the area of your room and decrease the space for the movement of people and the environment.

On the right you have to choose a sofa that is proportional to the size of your living-room. Because of this, when you buy a couch, you take the measurements of your room, choose a model that fits the space, and you would prefer a sofa with a straight line, the less the depth and the color is smooth and neutral.

Small living room integrated with dining room, a mirror-a Project for her Ba

3. The mirrored walls are great ways to decorate a small living room. A project for her Ba


One of the uses of a mirror in a small living room is to give value to an object, and also serves as a place to reproduce the image of something as decorative as nice, or even in a flower pot. If you want to do it in your living room, position on the surface of the mirror so that it reflects that. The other option is to install them on the walls to help reflect the light and expand the space visually.


The colors are not very functional at the time of decorating because they have an influence on the feelings, and the feelings of the people. In a small space, it’s ideal to work with bright colours and a neutral, conveying a sense of space.

Dark furniture has to leave the room, loaded and heavy, so it is better to prefer the ones from the darkness clarinha. The walls are to be considered as well, for the white paint is on the right, or in bright colours such as reddish brown, light beige, light yellow, pastel blue, pastel, and pale gray.

Small living room with bright colours, and also in different colors, Photo from Pinterest

4. It is also possible to use different colours in a small living room. Photo from Pinterest

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