It is a thing of the past, to look at all the cover for a sofa that is ugly. This accessory has become in addition to the modern, and a wild card at the time you repaginate a room in your home. Many of the points to be taken into account at the time the cover cool to make up your décor for a living room.


The cover to the sofa to protect it and let the environment of your face

Check out our 4 exclusive tips to choose the cover for your couch in the perfect

1-How to choose the ideal cover

You have a choice of buying with a very ready or customize it by picking out the fabric that you like the most to your room, which is decorated.

Care should be taken so that the cap has a good fit and it doesn’t look like it’s missing or have extra fabric. If you choose to purchase there and in place, it is recommended that you hire a service, tapestries, to provide the appropriate recommendations, including to take the exact measurement, they draw in the mold, and even reduce the amount of waste yarn.


At the time, to change the decoration for the front cover to the sofa, it’s an enabler


Change and change and change and the will to decoraçãoMais cheap and easy to swap out when you want to hide, um furinho, or any manchinhaProtegem different furniture in your house or apartamentoSão versatile and can be used in a variety of ocasiõesFáceis to store and wash7397-cover-for-sofa-fabricio cardoso-viva-decora

You can help protect the environment, and even the furniture

3 – How to pick the right fabric

In addition to being an item of protection, the jacket is a piece of furniture and it is for this reason that they will have to be made with the tissues of the noble and the rich, and providing a stark contrast nice.

The fabrics used for the manufacture of blankets, they are:

SarjaSarja peletizadaBrimChantungVeludoLona18585-cover-for-sofa-home-open-living-decorating

You can also put a blanket, instead of a cover for a couch

The important thing is to pay attention to the maintenance and operation of each fabric you need, the Chantung, for example, you need to wash for a special desire to protect the fibres.


The 4 – Prints-and-Color

There are so many options on the market, plain fabrics, printed fabrics or fabrics. If your sofa is plain, and with a neutral colour, the cover should be printed with colours and textures, and strengths, and vice versa. In addition to the covers of the sofa, the cushions are also welcome to apply, in addition to being comfortable, they help to set your decor and give the air of coziness in any room of your home. Just don’t forget to think about the combination of the the colors and print. Use and Misuse of the new trend, stylish, and it’s taking more and more in the cover of the magazine of decoration.


The cover to the sofa with a blue left on the chairs are gorgeous

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