In today’s day and to renovate just one room of your house-sometimes, you have to spend a fortune on it, however there is a workaround for some ideas on how to decorate your room, in this case. You can give your space a touch of a young man, with a dash of color and brightened the room with a very low budget.

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The stickers, the euro-pallet, cds, and magazines, that are cheap items that will help you to renovate the living room

1. To Use the wallpaper: They are applied on easily, without making a mess and doesn’t need a professional to do this. If you have the patience and care, you will be able to apply it. There are a variety of styles, designs, and patterns for the wall, and you just need to define your style. 6249-living-room-living-project-i-listed-saravalli-viva-decora to renovate the living room

2. Use the paletts to revamp your living room! You can create as coffee tables, bookshelves, and even a sofa with them. They are inexpensive and durable,in addition to that, you can find easily in the supermarket, and exhibitions. Don’t forget to sanding and painting the pallets before you use them. 19855-living room-house-in-the-district-mountain-hb-the home's open - to renovate the living room 3. Use the stickers to the fun. You can put it around the front of the sofa or on a shelf, for example. The patches are very inexpensive, and it will be a special touch to the time of renovating your living room. 21531-living-room-to-be-only-in-macae-rj-brazil-bathroom-an open-viva-decora to renovate the living room 4. The art of CD in s. Another way to renovate the living room is to use the cd’s of old, such as items for the home. It is very modern! 20884-living-room-living-epa-saint-angostinho-belo-horizonte-house-open-living-decorating and renew the room 5. The wall of a local newspaper. A wall covered with newspaper, you can also become a charming decoration of your living room, and guest rooms. 21547-living-room-living-room-in-the-são paulo-sp-home to renovate a house 6. The table in the center of the magazine. Do you still have that collection of journals, from the early years, and don’t know what to do with them? Take advantage of them in order to renovate the living room as a coffee table in the center. 17097-living-room-living - replace living room -house-open-viva-decora

The recycling of furniture, or other objects, the former is a charm in the decoration.

7. Paint your old furniture! This will give you the extra durability and style in the décor.

17118-living room-house-in-vitoria-da-conquista, ba-house-open-living-decorating and renew the room

8. Notes to the old-world charm! You can buy very cheaply at antique markets, and just right to fit.

16779-living room-house-neighborhood-sao-pedro-belo-horizonte / house-open-living-decorating

9. Shelves suspended. Make your own hanging racks! It will be very pretty, still more if you order your books by colour.

17665-living room-only in the century, the forest-hb-the home's open-viva-decora

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10. Frames for posters. Look for some cool pictures on the internet, in books, movies, or bands that you like. Print out and put in a frame. You will be amazing your personality is expressed in the decor.

21759-living-room-living-room-in-a-pine-trees-sp-the home's open-viva-decora

11. Pillows in color. The pillows are the details that make a big difference in the time to renovate the living room or in other areas such as the porch. You can buy all the different skins, to change, from time to time.

5974-living-room-living-room-investment-2013-diego-revollo-viva-decora to renovate the living room

12. Flowers in bottles on the wall. Flowers from the plastic bottles are great placed on the walls of the classroom. It gives an air romantic and take it to the environment.

21981 and other environments-ape-in-the-district-saint-antonio-belo-horizonte-house-open-living-decorating and renew the room

13. Retire in their lounge chairs and sofas. Often, cost of the remodel of a cushion is a lot less than buying a new one.

16933 other environments-double-r-triplex arquitetura-viva-decora to renovate the living room

14. Please Use the flowers in your decor in your living room. The atmosphere will be very pleasant, even if it is man-made.

6301-living room designs-different-family-adjalmir-team-rock-viva decora to renovate the living room

15. A bar in the living room. Also, you can renovate the living room easily, just with a tray of drinks that you usually buy, and the glasses are appropriate. It is a charm to your décor.

6314- - other--environment-apartment-ribeirao-preto-william-g-fiorotto-viva-decora to renovate the living room

16. Paint one wall with the ink on the board. It is so much fun, and you won’t spend too much. Your visits will love it leave it convey sanctuary.

17001- - other--environment-only pompeia-são paulo-casa-open-living-decorating and renew the room

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16 ideas for how to renovate the living room while spending little

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