The trend of green for a more sustainable world also comes to kitchens. Every time there are people who are more concerned with the improvement of the environment that you seek the designs that include materials, more respectful with the nature. It is necessary to take the step and better if it can be applied in all the rooms of your home.

In the case of the kitchen, there are some changes that require more time and money, but there are others that are simple and practical. And every detail counts, this can also be applied to utensils they are using, how you recycle, the food… oh, don’t get left behind and join the bandwagon!

We need to be aware because we can’t keep going back. Climate change is hurting us badly, and it is society who has in his hand to stop the countdown. And if you don’t know where to start, little by little, you see including small changes in your home, in your routine and way of life. With just a few days, you’ll be able to change habits.

Tricks to get an organic kitchen

If you need some tips to start on the path to sustainability, here are some ideas to get you to join the fight. There are designs and materials incredible that will give the perfect touch to your kitchen.

Restore old furniture

You probably have furniture without the use of, years ago, saved in a corner of your house or in the storeroom. Or you have friends who want to get rid of something that you no longer use and do not have space to keep it. Whatever the case may be, you can restore. The restored furniture will provide your kitchen a style that is more rustic and vintage.

Recycle everything

It is very easy and you know it, but not all people recycle. There are still households that do not have more than one trash to classify the waste. And this is one of the first steps for getting the organic kitchen. If you haven’t already done so, already you’re running late.

Separate the fridge from appliances

The arrangement of the furniture and appliances in the kitchen, it is important to get the look you want, but also to save energy. If the refrigerator is located next to the oven or in the microwave, this will need more work because you’ll get more heat. On the contrary, if it is removed it will be easier to maintain the ideal temperature.

Induction hobs

The ceramic hobs and gas cookers consume much more energy than induction cooktops. In addition, these latter make it possible to have a list long before the food and automatically turn off when you remove the pans and casseroles.

Accessories and kitchen utensils

Opt for sustainable materials such as cedar wood for your cutting boards, organic cotton for aprons, the carbon steel in the knives, the plant cellulose to the pad, stainless steel for the strippers…

Reusable bottles

Water is essential for life, but so is the world. Using reusable glass bottles instead of plastic ones, which you must dispose of it constantly and generate a large amount of waste. Pick the bottles and carafes toxic-free!

Appliances-label A+++

We all know that are more respectful with the environment, but do not always choose. They are efficient and save a great amount of energy in comparison with others. Look for the green label!

Taps to save water

Faucet aerators can save a lot of water because they serve to decrease the flow of water. Sometimes we pass each other, without realizing it. In this way, it will be the aerator to the it control you and you will consume less water, you’ll save more and favorecerás the environment.


The sources of efficient lighting such as LED bulbs can reduce a lot of the energy consumed. The difference is very noticeable, in particular, of a So he starts to forget about incandescent bulbs.

Decoration with bamboo

Bamboo is a material that is antibacterial and very resistant, fast-growing nature. The options that you give to us are many, as it can be applied in the furniture, the doors, the windows, or even as a decorative object.

Reusable materials and utensils of cedar wood


Reusable materials and utensils of cedar wood

Sustainable cuisine includes reusable materials, such as glass jars to store everything you need. Also, the cooking utensils of cedar wood are best suited for protecting the environment.

Faucet aerators


Faucet aerators

Faucet aerators can save a large amount of water. The flow rate is smaller, so that the consumption also.

The refrigerator, separate oven and microwave


The refrigerator, separate oven and microwave

Remember to separate the fridge from the other appliances that you have in the kitchen. Keep in mind that you need to keep the proper temperature and if it is located next to the oven or in the microwave, it will be very difficult, as you will receive too much heat.

Restored furniture


Restored furniture

One of the most sustainable options is to restore antique furniture and so reaprovecharlos. In addition, add a touch of rustic or vintage to your kitchen, that looks great.

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